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DMYL Board

Art WilliamS
Board Chair

Art Williams is a native of Denver, Colorado. After college, he began leveraging a career focused on the development of ministry in low-economic & ethnically diverse communities. Art comes to iSSACHAR from a 17 year tenure with Young Life where he directed a remarkable ministry in Denver. Art has successfully and systematically created a scalable platform of ministry and went on to serve in leadership roles at a regional, divisional, and national level. The successes of his work not only thrive but they also empower, influence, and strengthen a multiethnic presence of leadership. As a dedicated and passionate professional and a man of God, Art demonstrates strength in leading city initiatives that include partnerships, fundraising strategies and leadership development programs. Art has become a key voice in our city that many have grown to trust and partner with. As the Executive Director (President) of iSSACHAR, Art plans to launch a leadership foundation here in Denver. With iSSACHAR’s expanded vision, Art will be a great fit to lead iSSACHAR in the upcoming season. Art is blessed with the love and lifetime partnership of his wife, Stacey, and has three beautiful daughters, Brooklyn (13), (Amaya 10), (NiZayla 5).

Kimberly Silvernale
Board Member

Kimberly Silvernale is an Arizona native, currently living in Denver Colorado with her two darling boys, Driggs and Wilson. Kimberly has been ​ on YL staff for 17 years and has served as a staff associate, Regional & Divisional administrator and currently serves as Executive Administrator in ​ the office of Global Innovation & Growth. She served as the Committee Chair for South Central Denver, PTSA President at Lincoln Elementary School and currently sits on the Collaborative school committee for Lincoln. Aside from her family, her favorite things are running & coffee.

Darius Wise

Leading at the highest organizational and leadership levels, Darius has a deep passion for both the marketplace and the local church. He serves as the Executive Vice President & COO at Red Rocks Credit Union and has served the local church in a pastoral role for the past 19 years. Deemed by his peers, a “Leader of Leaders,” Darius has over 15 years of executive leadership experience and excels in all aspects of organizational & people leadership. He has a track record of building healthy cultures, driving results, leading through change, maximizing both people and processes, and managing diverse leadership teams toward success. He has also served several non-profit organizations as a member of their Board of Directors. Darius received his bachelor’s degree from Morris Brown College in Atlanta, GA and pursued Theological Studies at Denver Seminary. Darius is a sought-out communicator and consultant around the country. In his spare time, Darius enjoys reading, biking, running, and ultra-competitive family cornhole tournaments. He lives in Aurora, CO with his wife, Chajay and their four children - Chelsey, Daniel, Darius III & Chloey.

Andrea Garcia-Schoelzel

Andrea Garcia-Schoelzel was born and raised in Denver, Colorado, with a deep love for God and a passion for service toward others. As a college student, Andrea was first introduced to Young Life, and has served in a variety of capacities since then. Currently, Andrea resides in the Capitol Hill neighborhood with her husband, Peter, and works as the Health Initiatives Coordinator for the Office of Children's Affairs. Andrea is also pursuing a master's degree in Humanitarian and Disaster Leadership, which she is confident will serve the mission of Young Life well as she serves on the board.

Wes Booysen
Mikhail Vafeades

Mikhail Vafeades is the Director of Youth Leadership and Development in the City and Country of Denver’s Office of Children’s Affairs which was established in 1995 to ensure Denver’s children and youth have their basic needs met, are ready for kindergarten and are prepared for academic and professional success. ​ Her role within the Office of Children’s Affairs including convening policy makers, advocates and community partners to leverage resources that work to improve outcomes for all Denver children and youth. ​ Her work as the facilitator of the Mayor’s Youth Commission enables her to provide youth with the opportunity to develop leadership skills and advise the director of the Office of Children's Affairs on issues impacting youth living in the City and County of Denver. Mikhail received her Bachelor of Science in Communication with a minor in Leadership from the University of Colorado, and her Master of Science in Organizational Leadership from Regis University. ​ Mikhail has utilized the leadership skills that she obtained during both her undergraduate and graduate education to lead within organizations such as the Mayor’s Youth Commission, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc., the Parent Diversity Committee at Regis Jesuit High School, and the Owl Club of Denver Scholarship Fund. ​ Mikhail believes that there is a clear distinction between managing and leading, and works to empower those around her to understand that importance of an effective and efficient leader on the desired outcome of any task or initiative. ​ As a leader within both the City and County of Denver and her larger community, Mikhail hopes to continue working to dismantle the silos that prevent all of Denver citizens from actualizing both their potential and the opportunities that have been traditionally offered only to a select few.

Caleb Fields

Caleb Fields grew up in Chicago, was involved in Young Life club in high school, and eventually attended Northwestern University. He was recently the board chair for the Near Northeast/Stapleton YL area. Prior to his current endeavors, he played professional baseball, founded a youth sports camp company, and then spent over 10 years in private, public charter, and public school district school systems in Chicago and Denver. ​ After serving as a dean of students and assistant principal at the middle school level, he moved to the Denver Public School district where he led the Teacher Through Leader Talent Acquisition Team, the team responsible for selection, hiring, and retention of teachers, teacher-leaders, Assistant Principals, and Principals. He served as the HR Chair for the African-American Equity Task Force. His expertise is in transforming systems, training, and teams to help create an employee lifecycle that celebrates more diversity, inclusivity, and access to traditionally underserved communities. He also serves on the Board of Moonshot edVentures in Denver.

Pete Horstman

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